"I learned that courage

was not the absence

of fear, but the triumph

over it. The brave man

is not he who does not

feel afraid, but he who

conquers that fear."

Nelson Mandela

Dr. Diop believes that once you have found your "why" in life, you have found your purpose- and once you find your purpose, you will never have to work again.  As a career educator, Dr. Diop discovered his "why" in the field of education. Dr. Diop has served at every level of campus and district leadership in his 20- year career. Leading schools in impoverished neighborhoods, Dr. Diop has had to instill an unwavering belief and faith in the students and staff he led. Dr. Diop lives by the words "positive attitude changes everything." He has had to remember that phrase many times; as a kid- growing up in the streets of San Antonio, TX. And, then as an adult- dealing with racism and discrimination- not only in the streets but as he grew in education as well.  Dr. Diop and his talented team of trainers lead professional development in technology integration, best teaching practices, campus and district leadership, diversity and inclusion, mindful leadership, and many other topics. Dr. Diop is living proof that if you believe- you can achieve.


Dr. Mateen Diop

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