Technology Integration

COVID-19 has forced the world to rethink and reimagine every aspect of our daily priorities. Education has not been immune to the global pandemic. School planning must now include effective technology integration into every facet of school operations. Identifying the proper hardware, software, network systems, and how each interacts with the other is essential to a school teaching and leading with a COVID state of mind. An area often looked over in the discussion of technology integration in teacher development. Our company consists of former educators who are certified teachers, and many hold certifications in software systems such as Smart Notebook, Google Certifications, Microsoft, and Apple. Our trainers are knowledgeable, compassionate, and patient as we assist school leaders in guiding their schools into a new way of educating our future.


Performance Coaching for Campus Leaders

My All Things Educational, LLC helps schools and school districts implement a school leadership development model that engages school principals in a continuous and sustained reflective self-inquiry process designed to develop leadership capacity. Our leadership sessions focus on preparing educators to become transformational leaders committed to social justice who can work effectively in diverse, ambiguous, and challenging contexts.


School Structures and Systems

Schools and school districts are only as effective as the structures and systems implemented in their respective buildings. In a school building, having effective school systems in place is tantamount to improved student performance. In inner-city schools, those structures become even more critical. Many times, students from inner-city neighborhoods lack the necessities most suburban schools take for granted. Lacking a safe place to sleep, nutritious meals, two-parent households are just a few areas that hurt student achievement. However, when effective systems and structures are put in place, students realize those boundaries and feel safe when entering your buildings. 


Diversity and Inclusion

Establishing an inclusivist anti-racism culture starts at the top.  Any efforts to eliminate racism in the workplace will fail if it is not endorsed by senior leadership.  This workshop will help leaders to understand and embrace the need to foster anti-racism in their organizational structures. Our anti-racist workshop provides a fun, and interactive look into how - by working together, the workplace will become a welcoming environment for all.


Keynote Speaking + Mindful Leadership

The entire world is being forced to change. Many lives have been lost during this difficult time. Lost jobs, homes, families, or an overall feeling of depression, COVID forces us to grow in new ways. During these times, we must change our entire way of thinking, living, and leading. Being forced to change is the exciting part of the pandemic: no more beauty salon appointments, movies, or quick trips to the grocery store. Leadership during these times requires a thought process that believes anything is possible. "How we used to do it" is an outdated concept. Our keynote presentations will challenge your thinking when it comes to leadership. You will come away with a renewed sense of believing and an overall feeling of "I can do this." 


Unlocking the Success Instinct in Black Males

As a product of inner-city schools and growing up in segregated neighborhoods, Dr. Diop knows the plight of black males in our society. As a school district Executive Director, Dr. Diop ensured fatherhood and mentoring initiatives were included in the school district and individual campuses' overall vision. As a campus principal, Dr. Diop enlisted organizations such as Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc, and 100 Black Men to assist with developing the character and leadership of the young men on his campus. Dr. Diop is the founder of the Young Men's Leadership Academy (YMLA), the first all-boys public school in Bexar County. The school started with grades 4-6 and now serves young men to the 11th grade. Dr. Diop's research on single-gender schools has proven valuable in forming the YMLA and other all-male schools throughout the country. Dr. Diop believes that positive relationships are key to reaching black youth. In the words of Dr. Bethune- “We have a powerful potential in our youth, and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power toward good ends."