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Positive Attitude Changes Everything

Dr. Diop believes that it's not our circumstances that determine the desired outcomes, but instead, it's our reaction to those situations. Dr. Diop was reared in a segregated, low-income neighborhood in San Antonio, TX. In his environment, excelling in school was not a celebrated trait. Instead, it was how much you drank or smoked that determined your worth. Fortunately for Dr. Diop, God spoke to him at an early age and whispered, "don't go where they want to take you." Since hearing that silent whisper, Dr. Diop has been determined to share his message of the power of having a positive attitude in all situations, finding your purpose, and living your best life.

America's Champion of Neighborhood Schools

Dr. Diop is the author of Inner-City Public Schools Still Work- How One Principal's Life is Living Proof. In this book, Dr. Diop details his early struggles, growing up in his neighborhood school, and sleeping in the parking lot of the same school to which he eventually became the principal. Dr. Diop shared his personal story of perseverance and determination, as he and his team of teachers led his neighborhood elementary school to the highest academic gains the school had ever seen. 

Unlocking the Success Instinct in Black Males

As a product of inner-city schools and growing up in segregated neighborhoods, Dr. Diop knows the plight of black males in our society. As a school district Executive Director, Dr. Diop ensured fatherhood and mentoring initiatives were included in the school district and individual campuses' overall vision. As a campus principal, Dr. Diop enlisted organizations such as Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc, and 100 Black Men to assist with developing the character and leadership of the young men on his campus. Dr. Diop is the founder of the Young Men's Leadership Academy (YMLA), the first all-boys public school in Bexar County. The school started with grades 4-6 and now serves young men to the 11th grade. Dr. Diop's research on single-gender schools has proven valuable in forming the YMLA and other all-male schools throughout the country. Dr. Diop believes that positive relationships are key to reaching black youth. In the words of Dr. Bethune- “We have a powerful potential in our youth, and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power toward good ends."